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When the BBC were looking for a live streaming specialist based in the Midlands, they contracted NAV to provide a reliable live stream solution for the TV series Bargain Hunt. Televised since 2002, the popular daytime television programme, features two teams that are challenged to buy antiques and then sell them in an auction for a profit.

The Event

Covid-19 social distance guidelines meant the wearing of face masks in auction houses was compulsory during the latter half of 2020. Whilst only a temporary measure, the longevity of the episodes would be affected by the wearing of masks, therefore the production team took the decision to film the contestant reactions to the auctions remotely.



We were asked to technically provide the equipment and support for the live link and streaming in Derby, both at the uplink auction site and the downlink contestant and presenter location in a conference centre on the other side of the city. Given the contestant reactions were to be filmed ‘live’ during the auction, we used a suitable solution with a very minimal delay of less than 12ms. As the Wi-Fi connection at each location was shared our software also only required 1.2Mbps upload/download speed for transmission.

The BBC camera (lock-off shot) of the auctioneer provided both the video and audio to our encoder, interfaced through a Black Magic Studio Mini recorder (SDI to thunderbolt connection) The live stream was then displayed  at the filming location on a 65” LED screen for the host and contestants to react to as their individual lots were auctioned. The audio was controlled and monitored by our stream technician and amplified within the room at a predetermined level throughout the filming.

Technical Overview

Workstation Laptop PC c/w streaming software
Black Magic Studio Mini Recorder
Thunderbolt & SDI cabling
Webcam & microphone (back-up)
65" LED Display Screen
Unicol Stand
Workstation Laptop PC
Yamaha Audio Mixer
JBL EON10 Amplified Speaker

Live Stream Technician (Upload Location)
Live Stream Technician (Download Location)


The rehearsals and filming day were deemed a success. Our technical observations were sought by the Director and Production Crew, to help further improve future live streams, we also suggested a technical contingency with additional equipment that could back-up the streaming process.

Live streaming

NAV were the local web stream company for this production, however we also travel and work both nationwide and internationally. We can live stream any type of conference or event, from virtually any location. We generally stream to YouTube, Facebook Live, LinkedIn or Vimeo for public events. We also have a secure solution for confidential content, with password protection. Contact us for more details about our reliable, cost effective live stream solutions.


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