The new Focus 500IR is an infrared version of our highly popular Focus range (shown opposite). With all the same features as our UHF versions (built-in amplifier & loudspeaker, CD player, USB MP3 player, 230v AC/internal battery operation, etc), the Focus500IR features an infrared microphone receiver/transmitter which allows for any number of adjacent, multi-room systems without the limitations of number of channels. As the infrared microphone signal is light-based, the simple separation of walls and doors will allow any number of adjacent systems - such as a number of classrooms - without signal interference.

Main Features:
• Truly wireless! Battery operation and IR signal eliminates all cables
for true portability
• Infrared wireless microphone signal for multi-room systems
• Supplied as standard with IR handheld microphone
• CD player with integrated USB MP3 player and IR remote control
• Built-in 30W amplifier
• Built-in 6½” speaker
• Dual power supply AC or DC operation

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