The new Unity System 7 series of UHF 100 Channel Wireless Microphone Systems utilise the highest quality technology and components for true high performance, multichannel, wireless sound. These high specification UHF systems offer 100 channel selection for greater control and resistance to interference. Supplied as ready to use, complete systems and housed in strong, lightweight ABS cases for safe storage and transportation.

Main Features:
• 100 factory preset user-selectable UHF frequencies
• Advanced microprocessor control, with improved signal
performance for interference-free, multi-channel operation
• AUTO SCAN function searches for the cleanest frequency
• True Diversity for highest quality reception with no dropouts
• Battery signal indicator on receiver panel monitors transmitter
battery status
• Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) on both receiver and transmitter
• High sensitivity, high selectivity and high
image/spurious rejections
• Anti-interference Pilotone control and RF Noise
Squelch circuitries
• Balanced and unbalanced audio outputs
• Rack mountable with 19” rack mount kit (optional)
• UP , DOWN, MENU, SET function buttons
• White-in-blue LCD display
• RF/AF signal strength, Diversity A/B indicators
• Easy to read, programmable,
multi-function LCD

System Packages:
UHF 100 Channel Handheld System
UHF 100 Channel Beltpack/Tieclip System
UHF 100 Channel Beltpack/Headset System

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