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Film transfer to DVD in Nottingham - Many people have old cine films containing bygone family memories, as time passes the film acetate will start to demulsify, causing a gradual degradation of the film, resulting in it eventually becoming unusable and at that stage the content will be lost forever. NAV offer cine film to DVD or USB transfers in Nottingham. We will re-master your cine films to a digital file format and copy them to DVD or a USB stick, you can then watch, store and even edit the films yourself.

We’ve been converting and transferring cine films in Nottingham since 1967, which is when our business started! Our film technicians can repair damage and re-splice most formats of cine, including 16mm, 9.5mm, 8mm and super 8mm.

Unlike some web based cine transfer services, we have a business premises in Nottingham where you can visit us and we’ll talk you through the film transfer process. When you leave your films with us you’ll have peace of mind that all our cine film transfer work is done on the premises, so there’s no risk of losing your films or needing to post them to unknown PO box numbers, your cine films will remain in our safe hands throughout.

Trust us to look after your cine film requirements, we’ve been in the film business for over 50 years in Nottingham, archiving and copying and transferring film footage.



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