COPYRIGHT: Where you have existing recorded material (your original), and where there is no identical re-released recording, we will copy/remaster the original for you, as the owner and copyright holder the original recording.

We will supply one format conversion of this material (your original); We will subsequently provide further copies of the  format to you, on the understanding that the recording is for your own private listening pleasure and will not be sold, leased or hired or used in any public broadcast. You should retain the source (your original) as proof of ownership. If your original is destroyed or lost then accordingly the re-recording should also be destroyed.

If you have produced your own material and are therefore the owner of the copyright then we can reproduce multiple copies of the recording with your permission.

NAV will hold no copyright over any recordings and will not be responsible for any infringements of the law. Please contact us for any further clarification on copyright material.


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