Our premier disco lighting and sound package consists of a square truss rig with 18 lighting fixtures and nightclub style 6.3Kw Sound System for the ultimate party night. The lighting rig is a mixture of both moving pattern, and static multi colour wash lighting, including LED laser effects and moving heads for an impressive disco light show.

There is no lighting control desk or any complicated programming required, as all the lights have built-in sound to light or an auto sensor, meaning they will perform random movements and colour changes when placed in the proximity to the sound rig.
The sound system will deliver excellent audio quality with output power of 6.3kW via 4 Adlib mid-top speakers and 4 subs, driven by a DBX Driverack PA controller and QSC amplifiers.


Sound System
· 4 x Adlib Two-Way Speakers
· 4 x Adlib Subs
· 1 x Mixer
· 1 x Amplifier/Crossover Rack
· 1 x SM58 microphone
· All cabling required – including 2 x iPod/laptop cables & 10m of 32A cable
This system requires a local 32 amp power supply.

Light Rig
· 4 x Double Eyes Dancer LED Lights
· 2 x Moving Head Lights
· 2 x NJD Chaos II Disco Light
· 4 x LED Parcans
· 4 x Force 7 LED (RGBW) Lights
· 2 x Moving Laser Lights
· 1 x Smoke Machine
· Truss frame with bases (Approx 4m Sq) – size can be customised, please call

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