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The Stroke Association support people in rebuilding their lives after a stroke. They firmly believe everyone deserves to be able to live the best life they can after having a stroke. They provide specialist support, fund Stroke research and campaign on behalf of people affected by stroke ensuring they receive the best care and highest levels of support to enable them to rebuild their lives. 

The Event

The UK Stroke Assembly is an event that brings together people affected by Stroke. It is their opportunity be heard, raise issues and to influence future Stroke Association campaigns. There is also a strong social element, people are able to share their own experiences and network with fellow stroke survivors.



When hosting a recent Stroke Assembly meeting in Derby, the Event Organiser contacted NAV for guidance and support on web streaming the conference. The AV for the event was already arranged through a third party, however they were looking for a web streaming company to assist with the live streaming of key conference sessions over two days.

We provided a bespoke web stream package of live cameras, HD video mixer and the technical operators. The sessions were streamed via a 4G wireless router, so as we weren’t reliant on the venues Wi-Fi. The streams were also recorded and a master copy of the footage made available for the client post event. We arranged a sound feed with the AV supplier and suplied a number of back-up atmos microphones to support their hire PA system.

It was decided Facebook was the ideal platform for web streaming this event, as it would allow for live comments and viewer engagement by the association social media team during each webcast stream. The live stream sessions were advertised and promoted in advance on their Twitter and Facebook pages, inviting people to watch a the stream of the opening session; a Q&A with Megan Giglia, MBE the British Paralympic track cyclist and stroke survivor. There were 120 people in the room and up to 100 viewers during the live stream. Viewer engagement was high, with questions and comments coming in throughout the 1hr live stream. Even at this point the events team from the Stroke Association were delighted with their first live event stream, even more so the following morning when the video from the previous evening had been watched over 1,800 times! At the time of writing this web stream case study that video has now had in excess of 4.6K views!

On day two of the conference we also streamed further key sessions, again via Facebook Live.  In one syndicate workshop we also facilitated the host speaking live directly to the online viewers 'TV style' whilst a group activity in the room took place. This little added touch further increased online engagement with the remote viewers, making them feel a key part of the event from where ever they were watching the live stream.

Technical Overview

2              AG-UX180 Panasonic Pro Cameras
2              Manfrotto Tripod Kits
2              Panasonic Zervo Zoom/Focus
1              Roland VR50 HD Video Mixer
2              Black Magic SDI HD Video Monitors
1              Atomos Samurai HDD Recorder
1              SDI Cabling
1              Windows 10 PC c/w streaming software
1              Vodaphone 4G Wireless Router
2              Rode NTG1 Shotgun Microphones & Stands
1              Wireless crew talkback

1              Camera Operator
1              Video Technician
1              Web Stream Technician

Client Comment

Our client commented that it was the first time they had live streamed one of their events and the response had been 100% positive. They were delighted with the engagement levels on social media and would be back in touch with NAV regarding live streaming events later in the year.

Live streaming

It’s worth noting whilst NAV were the local web stream company for this event, the majority of our regular web stream event work is both nationwide and international. We can live stream any type of conference or event from virtually any location. We generally stream to YouTube, Facebook Live or Twitter to maxmise your viewing figures. If you prefer a secure site with a login for more confidential content we can arrange that too. Contact us for more details about cost effectively web streaming your next conference or live event.


Our Clients Comments

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