School Projector & Screen Installation

Located in Beeston, Nottinghamshire, Chilwell School typically enroles around 1000 students aged 11 to 18. Designated as a specialist school in 'Arts, Maths and Computing', it offers a diverse curriculum supported by excellent enrichment opportunities.


NAV were approached by Chilwell School to upgrade an existing screen and projector installation within thier large auditorium, typical used for school theatre productions and regular film showings throughout the year. The existing screen was too small for audience members sat towards the rear of the auditorium so the school requested the installation of a larger projection screen and upgraded projector to provide a significantly better viewing experience for the audience.

Taking into account viewing requirements from both the front and back of the room, NAV recommended a 6m wide electrically operated cinema screen that would be installed into the ceiling, with an easily accessible wall-mounted up/down switch to allow the school to operate the projection screen as required. Given the size of the screen a high specification projector was required to ensure the image was bright enough and sharp enough to provide excellent results, particularly when watching the latest films.


As the school building was pre-2000, certain areas of the ceiling contained Asbestos and the installation of the required fixings needed very careful consideration before any work was undertaken. The school had previously undertaken a site-wide asbestos report which was analysed in detail to identify where the screen mounting points could be installed so the Asbestos was not disturbed in any way. Given the height at which the projector was to be installed, access to the ceiling required the use of scaffolding which was erected by NAV's PASMA trained employees. As the weight of the screen was over 200kg, a team of four NAV engineers were required to winch the projection screen into place using appropriate chain hoists.


To facilitate the connection of laptops, blu-ray player and other presentation sources, a HDMI connection plate was installed at both the front of the theatre and in the control room booth at the rear. As the distances from the HDMI connection plates to the projector greatly exceeded 10 meters, the HDMI signal was converted and sent over standard Cat5e cabling (HDBT) directly to the projector in order to maintain an excellent, stable image.

Technical Overview

Epson EB-G6900WU, 6000ANSI, WUXGA Projector

Screen International Major Pro C 6m wide cinema projection screen

Samsung BD-H5500

HDBT Transmitters & Receivers (HDMI over Cat5 system)


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