This XS WIRELESS Vocal Set is perfect for singers and speakers. The acoustic consists of a condenser capsule with super-cardioid pattern and offers high feedback rejection.


Easy-to-use, all-in-one package for singers, speakers and presenters
Condenser Capsule offers brillant sound
High feedback rejection
Mute button for full speech control
Synchronization via RF remote channel
Frequencies tunable in steps of 25 kHz
24 MHz bandwidth (13 MHz for the E band)
8 frequency banks with each max 12 presets

Technical Data
Technical Data and Specification of XSW 65

RF frequency range
821...832 MHz / 863...865 MHz
766...790 MHz
614...638 MHz
606...630 MHz
548...572 MHz

Transmission/receiving frequencies
960 (520 in range E)

Switching bandwidth
24 MHz (13 MHz in range E)

Hand-held transmitter
Technical Data and Specification of XSW 65

Permanent polarized

Pick-up pattern

What's in the box?
1 EM 10 stationary receiver
1 SKM 65 handheld transmitter (condenser, super-cardioid)
1 MZQ 1 microphone clip
1 NT 2 power supply unit
2 antennas
1 pouch
2 AA batteries
Instruction manual

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