Woodland Trust

The Woodland Trust is the UK’s largest woodland conservation charity which covers over 26,000 hectares of land. They work closely with their supporters to protect forests from over-grazing, pollution and loss for the use of new developments. They also help restore ancient woodland that dates back to the medieval times and now only covers around 2% of the UK. These areas have been damaged by planting or colonisation of non-native species. The Woodland Trust are constantly creating new areas of woodland, which currently only covers 13% across the UK. This will help enrich the wildlife and sustain the native tree species.


Staff meeting with over 100 attendees with a live internet stream to others not attending the event.



Building on the success of the previous event that the Woodland Trust held at their headquarters in Grantham using NAV’s filming department, the client approached NAV with a more comprehensive list of requirements. Rather than the event just being filmed and then edited using NAV’s in-house facilities, the client wanted to live stream the event to the internet and have a question & answer session during the day. Due to the shape of the room, it required careful planning in terms of the control area and speaker and screen placement in order to maintain line-of-sight for the stage but also to maximise the space available for the attendees. It was therefore decided the reception desk should be used as the control area and the screens and speakers were to be placed against the edges of the room. The NAV events team also had to take into account the location of two cameras that were being used for the live stream so that they would capture the full impact of the event. The live stream was a mix of the cameras, which captured the audience and any presenters standing on stage at the lectern, with a PowerPoint presentation.

These various aspects of the job meant liaising with a range of people; the social media manager to relay information relating to the stream to the staff, the IT department to ensure a hard-wired connection was available for the streaming machine, the health and safety officer to ensure the cables and any other trip hazards were identified and protected, and of course the client to confirm the location of the stage and other general enquiries throughout the day.

Technical Overview

4xHK Elements

Yamaha 16 Channel Audio Mixer

4x Sennheiser Wireless Hand Held Microphones

2x Audio Technica ES935 gooseneck microphone

2xAG-AC160 Professional camera on Manfrotto fluid head pro tripod

VR50 HD seamless vision mixer

HP Pavilion Show Laptop

MSI High-spec streaming machine


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